Lincoln Series Gun Safes

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The Lincoln is a premium safe for discerning buyers who are more serious about fire protection, security level, and features. The Lincoln features space for up to 50 long guns, multiple gloss or marble finishes, a thicker UL-listed safe body, thicker Solid State™ locking bars, upgraded drill-resistant ball-bearing hardplate, dual relockers, a 5-spoke handle with slip-clutch mechanism, and 2 hours of Cool Box™ certified fire protection.
Made in the USA
2 Hours Fire Protection
️ Level 7 Security
Up to 15 Solid State™ Locking Bars
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COOL BOX™ Fire Protection
  • 2 hours of certified fire protection.
  • Palusol heat-activated door seal expands to protect against smoke and heat.

  • Liberty’s exclusive, ultra-strong Solid State™ locking bars protect against pry attacks.
  • 10-gauge steel body for increased rigidity.
  • Upgraded ball-bearing hardplate to protect the lock from drill attacks
  • UL listed S&G mechanical or Securam ProLogic electronic lock.
  • Dual relocker locks the safe down in the event of attempted brute force entry.
  • Slip-clutch mechanism protects against forced entry.
  • Liberty’s upgraded DX-90 Monster Mech™ locking mechanism.
  • California DOJ-approved firearm safety device.
  • UL Listed Safe Body.

Style & Function
  • Factory-installed deluxe door storage panel.
  • Factory-installed upgraded outlet kit.
  • Factory-installed Clearview™ lighting system.
  • Available in marble and gloss finishes.
  • Fully upholstered, 4-in-1 Flex™ adjustable interior.
  • 5-spoke Suretight handle.