Farmi Forest CR24 Crane

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Crane link (BR0) Without brake or (BR2) Double brake
Grapple (C0) Without grapple or (C16) Grapple for logs 0,16 m2 (FL) or (C18) Grapple for logs 0,18 m2 (FL)
Supply of Hydraulics Constant Flow hydraulic or Load Sensing hydraulic
Control Unit (A0) Without control valve or (A2) 5/7 XY valve, 190bar
Crane Base (B0) Without support legs or (B1) Support legs small FD type
Accessories No accessories or (W1) Winch 1400 with radio control (winch valve integrated to A11-A41) or (W0) Main boom ready for winch
Protection Sleeves for Hoses (PSH) Protection sleeves for hoses